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Growth of Accountancy in Wigan

Growth of Accountancy in Wigan

If you’re in need of someone to assemble, analyze and check the accuracy of your financial information, you will want an accountant. An accountant’s day to day job covers many tasks that require high knowledge of math and calculations and the know how of various computer software to aid them in their work.

A few of the responsibilities that fall into accountant’s hands include data analysis, providing advice and consultation to others and make decisions and solving problems. The basic overview for an accountant’s work covers all things financial, whether it’s admitting bank statements into company books or running calculations to fix their clients financial problems. There are a multitude of different types of accountants such as public accountants who work in the field of any situation that is publically traded on the stock exchange to auditors who review your financial statements.

Wigan is a town in the northwest of England and an area of greater Manchester, Throughout the Industrial Revolution Wigan experienced significant economic expansion along with a rapid increase in population. Wigan has a total population of 81,203 based on the 2001 census. Wigan has many famous landmarks like the war memorial that was unveiled in 1925 and remembers the fallen heroes of the First World War. There’s also a memorial on Wigan Lane which signifies the place where Sir Thomas Tyldesley died in 1651 in the Battle of Wigan Lane. The latest addition to Wigan landmarks is the “Face of Wigan” found in the town centre since 2008, it is a metal sculpture of a face. The head stands 5.5m tall and cost £80,000.

Although porcelain and clock making had been major industries in the town, Wigan in time became referred to as a major mill town and coal mining district. The very first coal mine was established at Wigan in 1450 and at its peak there were 1,000 pit shafts within 5 miles from the town centre. Mining was so extensive that one town councillor stated that “a coal mine in the backyard was common in Wigan”. Coal mining ceased in the latter section of the twentieth century. In 1974, Wigan became a part of Greater Manchester.

The shift away from manufacturing in Wigan has led to a growth in many small businesses ranging in everything from beauty parlours to pet stores. This rise in small businesses has led to a rise in demand for accountants and this demand has increasingly been fulfilled, there are now almost 50 different accountants in Wigan.

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