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Where is Wigan :The Development of the Town

The Town of Wigan


The Town of Wigan occupies a roughly triangular spur, some 40m above sea level, overlooking the meandering course of the River Douglas. A mixture of glacial and Coal Measure deposits, the spur is naturally defended by the River Douglas on all sides but the north-west,
where the ground level rises gradually towards Standish. The streams and mosses beyond the Douglas to the south of the town further enhance its  defensibility.

As lightly-wooded Upland, it would probably have presented an attractive prospect to prehistoric colonists, but there is little archaeological evidence for such settlement. In 1933, a Late
Neolithic polished stone axe was found at Gidlow, while in 1980 a Bronze Age axe-hammer, now lost, was discovered in the Bottling Wood area . Apart from these isolated finds the evidence for prehistoric settlement in Wigan remains circumstantial.

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