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Wigan, Greater Manchester – The Town With the Unique Pier

Wigan, Greater Manchester – The Town With the Unique Pier

Wigan is one of the largest towns in England, located on the county of Greater Manchester. It lies on the banks of the River Douglas, close to Manchester and Liverpool. It is the administrative centre – and the largest town – in the Wigan Borough and features a population of 305.600 inhabitants, along with the nearby villages.

According to historical references, Wigan was actually a part of the county of Lancashire, situated within the territory of one of the most famous Celtic Tribes, the Brigantes. The region was conquered by the Romans during the 1st century and became a part of the large Roman Empire.

The Romans were the first to establish a settlement in the area, which was named Coccium. Again based on the historical facts, Wigan became a part of the borough approximately in 1246, by King Henry the third and managed to expand and grow significantly towards the end of the Medieval Era. Wigan was, along with Lancaster and Preston, one of the boroughs that boasted a Royal Charter.

Wigan is mostly famous for the pier, since it is not a town situated anywhere near the coast. The uniqueness of this pier lays on the fact that it is a wooden coal gantry based on the south part of a canal. The pier was rebuilt and restored during the 80s. It became really famous, as George Orwell wrote a book called ‘The Road to Wigan Pier’, as an homage to the hardworking class and the terrible conditions of life that they had to face. It is of course one of the major attractions in the region, as it houses the Tourist Information Centre.

Wigan features a large number of accommodation and shopping facilities, as well as a great number of dining outlets, catering typical British and international flavours.

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