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Wigan part 1 ‘then ‘n’ now’

Then ‘n’ now images of Wigan including Mesnes Park, Wigan bus station, the Wigan Hippodrome, the old town hall, Wigan north western Station and various town …
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  • martynblackburn1977

    Pies and beer. Pies and beer. Pies and beer and so on. There is nothing
    else at the edges of the world for Wigan. It is just pies and beer.

  • nigelnw

    An amazing piece of work about an amazing little town. I now live in Crete
    but it ain’t a patch of Wigan. Hopefully I will be back home

  • jolleyboy78

    Excellent Video mate, can’t wait for the next one!

  • clagfest


  • AndyTheEnglishman

    Ashame to see some beautiful buildings disappear, and ashame I was born in
    the mid-80′s, so I never got to see some of them :( Too much glass and
    steel now, and ugly architecture :(

  • ashywigan777

    you hit the nail on the head, im only 21 and i cant beleive how much we
    have lost just by making changes to try to keep up with other towns, people
    destroying beauty and culture because they want to line there pockets so
    sad whats happening to a town that is a part of me and most of our
    generation dont care its tragic

  • Mike Holland

    Im 22 yrz old and think Wigan is the best town in the world therez no place
    better, but like other people have said its going downhill, i mean look at
    the last 3 pictures of the building at the bottom of king street, first on
    looks new, second one looks clean and tidy, but then on the third u get the
    boarded up windows and messed up posters on the walls but worst of all is
    the CCTV cameras that are everywhere

  • queenie2201

    All those beautiful buildings gone, how sad, fantastic video a real piece
    of local history.

  • mariaud999

    I don’t really know Wigan but I could cry when I see how many wonderful,
    individual old buildings you have lost, only to be replaced by faceless
    monstrocities that you can see in any high street, sad to say…. :(

  • john ebags

    Thanks for the memories but cant help but think wigan hasnt changed for the
    better.Great post well done.

  • Multicoloured03

    i live in wigan

  • Jamie1004

    Would have been better to get the before and now pictures to match
    exactly… Good work though.

  • JOhn McGarr

    @PlazaMoon im going to the john bull tonight for a few. its one of the
    oldest buildings in britain

  • painter61

    How rich in its Victorian architecture it once looked, and how bleak it
    looks now in its plastic modernity! How sad!

  • stuart mackay

    Great memories, Wigan town Centre is dying on its feet, thanks to 90 years
    of Labour rule, Wigan Athletic FC are the only bright spark left in our
    once glorious town!

  • a1kop

    wigan is now not a rugby town its all for the lattics wigan till i die love
    the place cant beat it

  • ashywigan777

    i feel the same its a real shame that wigan council feels the need to
    change everything just to keep up with other towns and citys


    Great photos these. What happened to the old toilets that use to be under
    ground facing whats now the moon under water are they still down there?

  • stuartp1960

    @Freebird21x Don’t visit then.

  • Nathan Croucher

    Oh it’s beautiful. I am exiled in South Yorskhire.

  • MrAshimoto

    Ive lived all over the north west but always find myself back in wigan,this
    video has convinced me that i really dont want to live anywhere else,im a
    wiganer born and bred (Aspull) and proud of it.

  • billstar01

    brilliant i can remember it all changing i was born in 61 so my hay day in
    wigan was the 80s blutoes etc loved it and this vid is brill i cant thank
    you enuff

  • strangerthanme

    I grew up in wigan from 1969 till the family left for Scotland in 1983.
    This brought back some memories. I loved Wigan and still do.

  • wiganwarriorsgirl

    brilliant video really great but upsetting to see how things were
    especially the old town hall

  • losluvr

    Dont agree went out one saturday night had a great night,

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